First ENDO.RSE (Endometriosis Research & Scientific Expert) Congress was first initiated by inspirational professor from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Professor Dr. Mohd Hashim Omar in 2013. The Second ENDO.RSE was successfully conducted under the leadership of Dr Ng Beng Kwang in 2015.

Two years following the last congress, many people keep murmuring and anticipating for the next appearance of this  educating congress. This year, under the leadership of Dr Ng Beng Kwang, the Third ENDO.RSE will be held again.

Prof Hashim
Advisor: Prof Dr. Mohd Hashim Omar


Chairman: Dr Ng Beng Kwang


The main aim of this congress is to promote and provide latest update with regards to endometriosis, a common benign gynaecology disease. Besides that, this congress also provides a national scientific platform for doctors to discuss and share the latest research findings in order for better management of endometriosis.